Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Hack Plants vs Zombies on PC

Plants vs Zombies is a game where you have to defend your house from incoming zombies using plants. Over levels you will  discover new plants and face different types of zombies. To grow plants, you will need sun. there is also a shop where you can purchase new plants and other items that can help with the game. As you plant, the plants will take time to recharge so you can't just plant them like crazy. The zombies will work their way through your plants by eating them. This tutorial will show you how to get infinite sun and money, instant recharge for plants, infinite money, God life plants(infinite life for plants), and more. To hack this game, you will need the file Cheat Engine 5.5 and Plants vs Zombies +4 Trainer. To download these, go to http://www.software112.com/products/cheat-engine.html and http://games.softpedia.com/get/Cheat-Solutions/Plants-vs-Zombies-4-Trainer.shtml. If you can't download the +4 trainer, that's okay. Download the files. Then open up Plants vs Zombies, Cheat Engine 5.5 and +4 Trainer(if you have it). First, go to a level. Then pause the game and go to Cheat Engine. Under value, type in 50, because you have 50 sun. Click first scan. Then collect one sun. Now you have 75 sun. Delete 50 and type in 75. Click next scan. On the left box you will see your sun, 75. Double-Click it. Now below youo will see 75 again. Double-Click it again. A box will show up with your sun. Delete 75 and type in 9999. Click ok. Nowon the right you will see a small box indentifying if it's active or frozen. Click it. Go back to Plants vs Zombies and start PLANTING!!! :D How to get instant recharge: Now, pause the game and click on memory view which is one the left on top of the sun amount. A box will appear. On the left you will see addresses(programming language; numbers and letters). Double-Click one of them. A box will appear asking what address you want to go to. Go to the address 00491E4C. The address will be highlighted. Double-Click the opcode. Change it from inc [edi+24] to inc [edi+48]. Go back to Plants vs Zombies and start PLANTING LIKE CRAZY!!!!!! :D How to get infinite health for Plants vs Zombies: To get infinite health, go to the address 00540680. Then right click the opcode. Click replace with code that does nothing. Don't do anything with the opcode and click ok. Then go back to Plants vs Zombies and watch your plants NOT DIE!!!xD How to get infinite money on Plants vs Zombies: To get infinite money, it's sort of like getting infinite sun but read carefully! Type in the amount of money you have divided by ten under value. If I have $56,000, I type in 5600. Click new scan. Then buy something at the shop. If I buy tree food that costs $2500 a pack, I now have $53,500. Then delete the money you have and type in the money you have currently divided by ten. Click next scan. You will end up with several results. Double-Click each of the results in the left box. Now below you will see tons of results. Like with the sun, double click each of them and change the value to 99999. Look at your money amount every time you change a value. If your money changes to 99999, stop and make sure that the activity of the value is disabled or it's frozen. Start BUYING STUFF!!! :) How to use +4 trainer on Plants vs Zombies: You have Plants vs Zombies and +4 trainer. Cheating with +4 trainer is easier, but you might not be able to download it. To use, go to a level on Plants vs Zombies. Then, press F1. INFINTIE SUN!!! Now go to the shop. Press F2. INFINITE MONEY!!! Go back to a level. Presss F3. INSTANT RECHARGE! Now press F4. Watch a pea hit a Zombie. INSTANT KILL!!! Have fun with the cheats!!! THEY'RE AWESOME!!! --Eric D. :D
Note: This may not work for some people. If it doesn't work for you, watch this youtube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svc48-Pr0PE
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